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Meet the Therapists

Full Circle Massage first opened in January 2006 in the lower level of the Cooley Chiropractic Clinic. Since that time we have grown and moved to a more centralized location and find ourselves at home in the Duluth Labor Temple located at 2002 London Road, Suite 96.

The Therapists~


My name is Lisa and I own and operate Full Circle Massage Located along London Road in Duluth MN. I graduated with honors from the Massage Therapy Program at DBU in December of 2005 and wasted no time in opening up my own clinic. Specializing in Deep tissue massage I also have training in Myofascial unwinding and extended training in prenatal massage.

I find solace in helping people feel better through my hands. Every person carries there own stress and baggage and if I can help to ease that in some way my, i consider myself successful.

The power of massage and human touch is limitless and I truly believe that as a society we are just now starting to realize the magnitude of it’s potential. That being said, it is also my art. What others do with a paintbrush or a violin I do with my hands and intuition. I strive to prefect my art and hope that these small contributions can in someway bring positivity into society.

Lisa Richards, CMT


“There is a magic that lives within our bodies that is anything less than a miracle.  The privileged opportunity to heal, understand, and nurture this body is a gift worth pursuing.”

-Ashley Youngblom.LMT


(218) 461-7701

I took my passion and appreciation of holistic healthcare to the South West where I studied at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies graduating with honors, and receiving my license as a massage therapist as well as earning a chiropractic’s assistant certification in June 2016.

I continuously seek furthering my education to better care for others while sharing through experience the core integrity of this ancient healing art where it is my goal to help facilitate health and healing to the whole person through the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit where balance and harmony can be restored.  I believe the importance of self-care, and am dedicated in helping each individual gain a heightened awareness in their body through the expansive and fascinating field of therapeutic touch where it truly is an honor to assist in the betterment of others within such a caring profession.

I provide cranial sacral therapy, tailored shiatzu sessions, specific deep tissue massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, cupping therapy, and emphasize with focus on postural analysis, breathing technique, increased mobility, and muscle/mind relaxation/rejuvenation.  All of the work I offer is tailored to you as an individual where each session is aimed in addressing your body’s specific needs through an integrative approach that directly reflects positive changes in your overall wellbeing and an insightful path geared towards optimizing your healing.

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