Full Circle Massage

Letting your health come full circle…


Full Circle Massage is located in the lower level of the Duluth Labor Temple at the corner of London Road and 20th Avenue east.

Those traveling from the south should use the 21st ave exit on I-35 and turn left at the first stop light. Drive one block and turn left on 20th ave, there is off street parking on the avenue as well as the main entrance to the labor temple. Once in the building go down the hall directly to the left (towards the restrooms) we are at the end of the hall!

If you choose to park in the front lot and use that entrance you will need to go down the stairs directly inside the door, the light in this stairwell is often off, just flip the switch at the top of the stairwell! Once at the bottom you will go to the right and through another door then down the hall and take another right… it is much easier to use the avenue entrance.

Please be aware that on Saturday the only open entrance is on 20th ave east.


Full Circle is open by appointment only. Call us at 218-595-7900 with any questions



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