Full Circle Massage

Letting your health come full circle…



Scheduling may be done HERE or by calling 218-595-7900. We may be in session when you call so please take advantage of our online scheduling system. No credit card or prepayment required to use. Calls will be returned as soon as possible.

Appointment Policies~

  • Please allow 24 hour notice on all cancellations. If this isn’t possible please let us know asap.
  • We reserve the right to charge a service fee and/or void any certificates or coupons if an appointment is missed without adequate notice.
  • All calls after business hours will be returned the next business day.

Business Hours are:

Monday- Thursday 10-7 and Friday 11-5 by appointment. Weekends are available but typically only one Therapist is scheduled each weekend.

If you have a special event outside of these hours please contact us via email fullcircleduluth@gmail.com and if possible special arrangements will be made.

Established clients are free to also text the above number. For safety reasons, we will not answer texts from individuals we do not know. Please identify yourself in your message.


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