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Specialty Service Descriptions


Available with Ashley Only:


Shiatsu comes from the Japanese language meaning “finger pressure”.  This therapy, practiced in Japan as a licensed medical treatment incorporates Chinese medicine along with the Western studies of anatomy and physiology. Chinese and Japanese Medicine work with particular lines in the body called meridian lines. There are 12 meridian lines in the body each acting as pathways for energy to travel.   These pathways are used for treating ailments and correcting physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances throughout the body.  Along these meridian lines are mapped pressure points called tsubos.  These pressure points are openings in the channels which allow for energy to enter or exit the body in which can become blocked or depleted (in acupuncture- these would be the pressure points where the practitioner would place a needle.)  Shiatsu combines the studies of the points and incorporates stretching, range of motion, and breathing techniques to achieve similar health benefits with that of acupuncture-only instead of needles, the practitioner is using their fingers, hands, feet, and forearms.  Both therapist and client remain in a Zen-like, centered state where typically the sessions are performed on a mat (though can be done using the massage table) and the client remains clothed.


Benefits of Shiatsu:

  • Deeply relaxed state of being & increases clarity
  • Heals physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments
  • Increases mobility & promotes healing with soft tissue injury
  • Heightened awareness in oneself
  • Restores, maintains, & balances the body’s energy, particularly helpful for those experiencing fatigue
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, tension, and depression
  • Relief from headaches/symptoms of TMJ
  • Helps those with insomnia
  • Aids in treatment of various symptoms including digestive disorders, bowel problems, morning sickness, and menstrual issues
  • Improves circulation



Cupping therapy has been used since the ancient Egyptians dating back to 1550 BC. and to date is commonly found in nearly every medicine cabinet throughout Europe.  By creating a suction with either glass or plastic cups, this therapy is used to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen stubborn knots and lift connective tissue all in which brings fresh blood flow and oxygen to stagnant muscles and skin.  Worldwide, cupping has been considered as a remedy for almost every type of disease and also important means in maintaining health.  Cupping can be used for asthma, common colds, indigestion, lymph drainage, and also aids in the process of quitting smoking by pulling excess tar from lungs.  Various techniques are applied for particular results which most commonly include gliding cups and stationary cups.  Gliding cups use the same process of vacuuming to the skin but also have an applied aromatherapy based oil treatment which allows the therapist to gently maneuver the cups while suctioned to the skin achieving fantastic results and feeling great!  Stationary cups are equally effective being placed on the skin and left for a period of 5-15 minutes for muscle and tissues to be replenished and after removed, the area of the applied treatment is completely flushed out.  This is a wonderfully effective and relaxing treatment that can be used for the entire family and incorporated into any massage for profound results.  Note- it is normal for this therapy to leave temporary marks resembling bruises where the cups were applied.  There is nothing harmful about these marks, and typically go away 2-7 days after the treatment.  Your therapist will show you what the cups look like beforehand and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of Cupping:

  • Loosen stubborn knots within muscle tissue
  • Release of toxins/stagnant blood in body
  • Allows for a deeply stimulating sensation relaxing your entire nervous system
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Increases mobility and circulation of blood flow
  • Aids in the recovery from chest colds, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and indigestion
  • Supports the process in quitting smoking by removing tar from lungs and opening blood vessels
  • Scar tissue reduction and quickened pain relief
  • Relieve inflammation/reduce edema
  • Reduces anxiety, fatigue, chronic headaches, and lowers blood pressure


Available with Lisa Only:

Bamboo Massage

In professional Bamboo-Fusion Massage, warm pieces of bamboo of different shapes and sizes are used to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage. The bamboo sticks are made of 100% bamboo and have antibacterial properties to ward off the free radicals we encounter on a daily basis.  The bamboo sticks are heated at 165 degrees and cooled down with an all natural oil, before applied to the skin.
The warmth of the bamboo melts the outer layer of muscle, allowing the therapist to work more deeply without as much pressure. For those who like deep work, the bamboo tools allow for deeper pressure than the hands alone cannot provide. For those who rather just relax and get a great massage, that too can be accomplish with the bamboo tools. The massage satisfies two major needs: relaxation and well-being.
Bamboo-Fusion offers many of the benefits of a Hot Stone massage with a few extras. Because of the size and shape of the bamboo pieces, Bamboo-Fusion massage can be deeper and more specific than the stones. Stimulation of the tissue by the bamboo sticks is believed to relieve this “sluggish state,” by dissipating the heat that results from an accumulation of toxins and poor circulation, much the same as what would occur through deep-tissue work, trigger-point activation, or various acupressure techniques.
The benefits of Bamboo-Fusion Massage include:
•       Increased circulation and lymph drainage due to more surface contact
•       More pressure can be evenly administered to the client’s body
•       Pressure is effectively maintained for longer periods of time
•       Reduces muscle tension faster with heated bamboo tools
•       Allows pain free deep tissue work for bodies with lots of hair
•       Aids relaxation
•       Eases muscles aches and pains


This new 75 minute treatment includes the same quality massage you are used to but with a decadent twist!

Your massage will start with gentle steam on your face to open up your pores as your scalp is worked on. Following this your face will be cleansed and exfoliated using Young Livings ART gentle cleanser and Satin Facial Scrub. Next the ART creme Masque will be applied and let set for 20 minutes as your neck, arms and hands have all the stress massaged out of them. Your masque will then be removed and your face massage will be complete with ART refreshing toner and ART light moisturizer.

The Bliss doesn’t stop there though, as you will be treated to a hand and foot mint mask wrapped in hot towels!

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